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The Greatest Czech Fairy Tales

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Three strange friends travel the world for adventure in the story Long, Tall and Sharpeyes. A battle is waged for the soul of a peasant lad by the forces of Reason and Luck. A royal pair of Twins is confronted before the fateful decision of what path to take. A poor cobbler solves his own midlife crisis in Jump, Cudgel, Jump!. Fear strikes all who meet the wooden child carved from a tree-stump by childless parents and magically come to life in the story Little Otik.

The oeuvre of Karel Jaromír Erben is regarded as the Czech equivalent of the brothers Grimm, and belongs among the greatest treasures of the Czech fairy-tale tradition.

Lucie Lomová (*1964), originally studied dramaturgy at the Faculty of Theatre of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, but now has achieved fame as an illustrator. In the 1990s, she made a name for herself primarily through the comics series 'Anča and Pepík', now available in book form in three volumes. In 2006, Lucie Lomová became the first comics artist from the Czech Republic to achieve an international reputation with the French publication of her graphic novel Anna en cavale, the Czech version of which won the 'Muriel' prize as the best original book in graphic form.

Autor Lomová Lucie
Druh Kniha
Jazyk Anglicky
Počet stran 96
Rok vydání 2008
Vazba Pevná bez přebalu lesklá
ISBN 978-80-7252-225-5
EAN 9788072522255
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